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Symona (
Date :ven. 25 avril 2014 04:30:42 CEST
Sujet :LVdBMKpMxhbG

A piece of erdotiiun unlike any other!


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Frances Edson (
Date :sam. 22 déc. 2012 10:48:59 CET
Sujet :Wonderful Holiday!

I have stayed at La Tourontelles twice, first as a bed and breakfast guest and then for a family holiday. Both stays were outstanding. As bed and breakfast guests we shared dinner and breakfast with Sarah and James - a joy both socially and for the excellent culinary fare. The accommodation was so good that I returned bringing a dozen of my family. We stayed in 2 separate units - those with and those without children which proved a most satisfactory arrangement. The 5 children (aged 6 months to 7 years old) had all the freedom and safety of the well equipped and spacious houses, grounds and swimming pool, with the added bonus of getting to know other children on site. Sarah and James proved superb hosts, and joined in willingly to the statuary play that the children performed.
Beyond La Tourtonelles we enjoyed the lakes, Troyes, Nigloland and champagne; plenty to do both off and on site for all ages. A fantastic way to spend a family holiday. Thank you and congratulations to Sarah and James.


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Werner %26 Anny Gafner - part of a group of 11 friends (annygafner@yahoo,
Date :lun. 24 sept. 2012 13:37:12 CEST
Sujet :Holiday @ Les Tourterelles

We are a group of wine enthusiasts and have - for the first time - decided to spend a week together in a wine region. The choice fell on 'Champagne' and we started searching for suitable accommodation. Of course we knew that it wasn't going to be easy to find accommodation easily. We wanted to be together, yet have space, some independence and above all plenty of en-suite facilities. Searching began... and then we found Les Tourterelles. This was almost too good to be true. Initial contact and what a relief, we could correspond in English. Sarah was most understanding, even when we had to change from a 3 to a 2 bedroom cottage because one couple could not take part. Our little group of 11 set off at different times to be @ Eclance after 16.00 hrs on 24th September. We were greeted like friends and shown to our 2 cottages where we found everything and more that we could have wished for. It was really home from home - plenty of space to have breakfast together - either in the big kitchen or outside. We enjoyed and made use of the BBQ area, the swimming pool and table tennis, everything just there, ready and waiting to be used. Sarah arranged for us to have a delicious meal at the Michelin starred restaurant Natali and a winetasting at Philippe Legout, where we were shown all the processes which take place from the grapes being picked to the champagne bubbles rising in a flute. Sarah very kindly let the bikers in our group borrow her and Jame's bikes - very much appreciated. When we left, a week later, we felt that we had not only got to know a part of the Champagne region but also a wonderful host and hostess. We were so lucky to have found Les Tourterelles and we'll gladly recommend the cottages for either a big family gathering or as individual holiday cottages. Sarah and James, you've worked hard to make Les Tourterelles into what it is today and we wish you every success and of course - full house(s) throughout the holiday season - and wonderful guests who appreciate your lovely paradise and the care and attention which is provided so generously. Au revoir from Werner %26 Anny G. - Jan B., Lynn %26 Jim F., Lynn %26 Alf C., Moyrah %26 John D., Jane %26 Andrew G.


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lwoxgivjykl (
Date :mar. 01 nov. 2011 17:15:27 CET
Sujet :IbqeHYgKzMCsK

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uvymivxtkax (
Date :sam. 29 oct. 2011 14:28:24 CEST
Sujet :rxIkuKnMssL

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